picture book design

Marketing Children’s Books Made Easier

Choose your design package and have professional and consistent, materials for your marketing campaign without having to make them yourself. We are experts in design for publishing and offer friendly, reliable service.

Social Profile Graphics

A set of graphics that make a title or author's branding uniform across social media platforms.

marketing books with social media graphics

  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Twitter Header Photo
  • Instagram Profile Graphic


Social Media Posts + Postcards

A consistent set of graphics to spread the word about your title online and in the mail.


  • Facebook Shared Image
  • Instagram or Instagram Stories Image
  • Tumblr Post
  • 100 5 x 7 Postcards


I will contact you about your project. Your information is private and confidential and never sold. - Susan

Online Graphics + Bookmarks

Custom animation and online post graphics with 100 printed bookmarks for give-aways.

marketing books with online graphics

  • Custom Animated skyscraper
  • Facebook Post Graphic
  • Pinterest Post Graphic
  • Instagram Post Graphic


I will contact you about your project. Your information is private and confidential and never sold. - Susan

Bundling Design Projects Together For Efficiency

It’s important to promote a book where its potential buyers are, and critical to consistently market the title in both online and print. Designing book marketing elements as a single project has advantages. It’s efficient, you only need to gather the materials and make design decisions once for a range of graphics. Then you have marketing assets to use as you promote your title in print and online. We offer bundled projects as a package at special price points to make a title shine in print and online.

We Specialize in Design for Children’s Publishing

We know that a book’s cover design is its visual brand, the cover’s design elements become tools for creating consistent marketing pieces. Reuse the colors, fonts, illustrations, type treatments, and visual effects so that every communication with your target market increases awareness and recognition of the title. When publishers are promoting multiple titles, the publisher's brand elements become the focus and tie together the graphics.

See samples of banner ads we’ve designed ▹

See samples of postcards we’ve designed ▹

The Fine Print

Postcards and bookmarks are designed for color on the front, and black and white on the back. Delivery costs and tax on printed material is not included in the package pricing. We start with the hi-res, original, layered cover art and fonts to make the graphics. If you are unsure that you have the hi res art, just give us a call. 1.908.322.7653.