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Book Promotion Services:
Postcard Design

Anatomy of a Book Promotion Postcard

A postcard designed like this can fill a multitude of needs. They can be bulk mailed to your list or used as a give-away. Since there is space to write on the back, you can add a personal note or special offer. Printing many copies of one postcard design and customizing it for each use is an economical and practical book promotion.

An effective book promotion postcard:
  1. Shows the book cover
  2. Has all the book information
  3. Features a great review or intriguing quote from the book
  4. Allows space for a custom message
  5. Directs the reader to more information
  6. Complies with US Post Office mailing standards
  7. Showcases the artwork and design of your book

Postcard Designs by Neustudio

Book Promotion Postcard Design Service

Neustudio can design the perfect eye catching postcard for your book title. We will design a card that coordinates with the book cover and marketing materials to keep your promotion efforts consistent. We are experienced with postal requirements and will layout a card with enough room for addressing and postage that complies with USPS regulations.

We can deliver final, hi res art for your printer, or arrange to have the cards printed at an economical price and sent to you.

We’d be happy to design a postcard for your book, fill out the form below.