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Picture Book: His Finest Hour

This children’s picture book retells The Tortoise & The Hare with a twist. Ralph challenges Dudley to a race. Ralph brings his fancy bike gear and bravado, while Dudley brings his old bike and a great attitude.

Praise for His Finest Hour

“In a mere thousand words or less, a brilliant morality tale.” —Jacquie Phelan

One of Bicycling Magazine’s “7 Books About Bikes That Every Kid Should Read” to get your child hooked on riding.

Listed as one of 50 Good Bicycle Books by KENT’S BIKE BLOG

A charming storybook that imparts its message with gentle humor and bright illustrations, its perfect to share with your young rider.

His Finest Hour

Story and Pictures by David Neuhaus
ISBN 9781931382496
Velo Press

Available in bookstores, specialty retailers, and online.

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