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Design for Children’s Book Publishers


Neustudio provides design services for children’s book publishers. We offer expert book art direction, working with the illustrator and the editor from the earliest sketches through final mechanicals.

Awards for Children’s Titles

Are you interested in submitting a title for awards? We’re putting together a spreadsheet of awards available for Children’s and YA Literature.

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Trade titles art directed by David Neuhaus of Neustudio have won numerous illustration awards: such as inclusion in the Original Art Show; Society of Illustrators (Auntie Yang’s Great Soybean Picnic, Sweet Music in Harlem, Be Water My Friend); Coretta Scott King/John Steptoe Award For New Talent in Illustration (Bird); Pura Belpré Illustrator Award Honor (Olé Flamenco); Notable Children’s Book, Smithsonian (Game, Set, Match, Champion Arthur Ashe); Outstanding, Horn Book Review (Sixteen Years in Sixteen Seconds). Multiple titles have garnered starred reviews from trade publications. See a list of award-winning children’s book titles that we've designed.

We design covers, book jackets, and interior picture book layouts that are age-appropriate. We’ve designed both fiction and non-fiction titles, and work with illustrations and photography. See our list of publishing services.

Additional Services for Children’s Book Publishers

Neustudio can layout paperback conversions, Spanish language conversions, British to American English conversion and book series production. We design marketing materials that support book sales: online ads, banner ads, newsletter eblasts, print ads, postcards, bookmarks, posters and catalogs. Our book publisher design services are focused on the book title and publisher's brand.

picture book illustration updating

Updating the Illustrations for a Legacy Children’s Title

The People Shall Continue was first released 40 years ago. The goal for the update is to attract new readers to the book and new focus to the creators’ points of view. It was important to work respectfully while solving technical issues and refreshing the illustrations.

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Book Design & Art Direction ▹


Expert Design and Art Direction for Children’s Picture Books. Neustudio works with editors and illustrators from concept, through sketches, to print-ready mechanicals to make each title the best it can be.

Marketing Materials, Print & Web ▹


Specialists in book promotion design online and in print. Including skyscrapers, banner ads, eBlasts, print ads, posters, flyers, and catalogs.

picture book his finest hour

His Finest Hour

by David Neuhaus

In this twist on The Tortoise & The Hare, Ralph challenges Dudley to a race. Ralph brings his fancy bike gear and bravado, while Dudley brings his old bike and a great attitude.

“A charming storybook that imparts its message with gentle humor and bright illustrations, its perfect to share with your young rider.”

One of 50 Good Bicycle Books by KENT’S BIKE BLOG

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